Lock Components

  Exact Tool produces many lock components: Brass Keys, Steel Tubular Keys, Flat cams, Spring Clips, Stop Washers, Retaining Rings, Die Cast Lock Plugs and Barrels.
    Many of Exact Tool's dies are master dies.  Which means if we do not already produce the part your company is looking for it will take a minimal amount of investment to get you what you need.  Exact Tool can produce inserts to fit into master dies at a minimal cost.  Inserts can also be produced for zinc die cast parts to fit into Exact Tool's mold heads to keep tooling costs down.

Click on an image below to see details of some of the parts we offer.  The PDF print will open in a new window.  Shown here is just a few of the products we offer.  Some of the parts come in a vareity of configurations to satisfy our customers needs.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.
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Steel lock spring clip

 Flat steel lock cam

Zinc die cast lock plug and shell

Brass key for a lock

Steel key for tubular lock

Steel spur washer for a lock assembly

Brass ignition key for a lock

Brass tumbler wafer for a lock

CL1 Spring Clip


Flat Cam


1-1/8 Shell & Plug


KB6 Brass Key


Tubular Key Assembly


4-Prong Spur Washer


Ignition Key


TUM3000 Tumbler Wafer


Steel lock stop cam for a lock

CS-11-PF-180 Cam Stop


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